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Mei 2008

More Part

Alexrims Supra Dome : 6061 Alloy, 36H & 48H, Double Wall, 463gr
Rp 195.000 (Black)
Chrome Sold Out

Alexrims DM22 
6061 Alloy, 36H, Width 28.5mm, Double Wall, 420gr
Rp 155.000

Rival Cassete 9T Hub
Full Bearing, 1pc Driver with 3 Pawl, 14mm Cr-Mo Spindle (Solid), 552gr
Rp 450.000

Novatech Rebel Cassete 9T Hub
14mm Hollo Axle, 36H, 540gr
Rp 440.000

United Free Cassete 9T Hub
RHD, Sealed Bearing, 578gr
Rp 250.000

Rival Front Hub
Full Bearing, 3/8 Cr-Mo Spindle, 204gr
Rp 250.000

Welgo Plastic Pedal
Cr-Mo Spindle, Clear, 186gr/pc
Rp 75.000

Welgo Plastic Pedal
Steel Pin Series, Cr-Mo Spindle, Clear, 197gr/pc
Rp 155.000

Salt AM Plastic Pedal
CrMo Axle
Rp 150.000

Saltplus Brakepads
Rp 80.000

Saltplus Dual Rotor Cable
Rp 110.000

Brake Cable Set
Rp 70.000

KMC Gold
Rp 85.000

YBN Half Link Chain 
Red, Black, White, Yellow
Rp 150.000


YBN Half Link Part Chain
Rp 5.000

SALTPLUS Manta Sprocket
6061 T6 Alloy CNC, 6.3mm Thick, For 19 & 22mm Spindle
Rp 260.000

SALT Pro Sprocket
25T, 6061 T6 Alloy, 5mm Thick, For 19mm & 22mm Spindle, 56gr
Rp 190.000

LifeTrip Avoider V3 Peg 
Heatreaded Cr-Mo, Length 100mm x 32.5mm, 4 Anti-Slip Position, For Spindle 14mm & Adaptor 3/8, 150gr
Rp 125.000 + Wax

Afix Combo Seat
Fat and Slim Seat, 324gr
Rp 160.000

Eclat Gonzo Pivotal Seat
Rp 250.000

Scrapbikes Pivotal Seat
Medium Size, 290gr
Rp 250.000

Velo Pivotal Seat
Slim Size, 256gr
Rp 175.000

Velo Rail Seat : Chromoly Lite Rail, 308gr
Rp 110.000

Alienation Midget Stick Post
Ultra-Lite 3D Forged 6061 Alloy With An Internal Oval Construction
Rp 240.000

SSR Pivotal Post
Plastic Post with Alloy Inside, 11.5cm Length, 91gr
Rp 150.000

Nolable Pivotal Post
Plastic Post with Alloy Inside, 11.5cm Length, 91gr
Rp 150.000

GT Seat Post Hi-Ten  : Available Crome Colour
Rp 85.000

Nolable Grip
Rp 50.000

DICTA Freewhell  14T 
Rp 75.000

Eclat Headset
Integrated Headset, 1-1/8"
Rp 280.000

Saltplus Headset
Integrated Headset, 1-1/8" (41.8mm)
Rp 210.000

FSA Orbit
Integrated Headset, 1-1/8" (41.8mm)
Rp 350.000

Da Bomb
Integrated Head Set, 1-1/8" (41.8mm)
Rp 300.000

Integrated Head Set 1 - 1/8" (41.8mm)
Rp 230.000

FSA : Integrated Head Set, 41mm
Rp 220.000

Cane Creek Headset : 41mm
Rp 220.000

MID Rp 25.000 - 50.000
Spanish Rp 60.000
Euro Rp 90.000
6902 Rp 28.000, 6802 Rp 25.000, 6000 Rp 23.000

Shimano 20" Spoke
Rp 2000/pc